The Jersey Journal, Friday, Oct 3, 2008:

In 2007 the Jersey City arts community rebounded in style from the City's
ill-conceived closing in 2005 of the Arts Center at 111 First Street, home to
more than a hundred studios and workshops, and the hub of the annual
Jersey City Artists Studio Tour. Mounting a series of comprehensive, large-
scale "Anchor" exhibitions in industrial spaces, artists sought to restore the
scope, the edge, and "art-centric" focus of the city's single largest revenue
generating event.

The project was conceived and spearheaded by the artists of the Exhibitions
Committee of Jersey City Pro Arts, in an innovative and sometimes volatile
collaboration with developers, businesses and city agencies.

Colin Comstock, Jersey City video artist and documentarist, recorded the event.

Jersey City Artists Studio Tour 2007:
kickoff party at Canco Lofts


on Vimeo.